Motiga shuttered by Perfect World, putting MOBA Gigantic in the hands of a maintenance team

Motiga has shut its doors today, handing MOBA Gigantic to a maintenance team 

Motiga has shut its doors today, handing MOBA Gigantic off to a maintenance team.

I loved Gigantic, but it was beset by delays during production, and while the game gathered fans when it came out it doesn’t appear to have been enough for owners Perfect World, who shut the company down.



CEO Chris Chung confirmed the news to Destructoid.

“It was a budgetary decision at the highest level. Perfect World as a public company has a profitability goal and they decided to cut parts of the company that were not profitable. In short, Gigantic was not making enough revenue.”

Gigantic won't be closing down just yet, as a small team of staff will be keeping the game running for the time being at least, but this is definitely the killing blow for the game, even if it might take a while for it to actually perish. Our thoughts go out to those affected by the redundancies.