Tencent is making a battle royale smartphone game

Tencent is making a battle royale smartphone game
Ben Parfitt

If one thing is certain it’s that 2018 will see the release of lots of battle royale games.

Chinese games giant Tencent – which is the biggest games company in the world, don’t forget – is making its own battle royale title for smartphones, which currently goes by the name ‘Glorious Mission’.

The first trailer bears more than a passing resemblance to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – players parachute in, the game area is restricted via a circle, squadmates are downed, there are vehicles and, of course, campers. Even the fonts and colour palettes are similar.

It will have to be quick off the mark, though, as other battle royale offerings are already starting to dominate the mobile sales charts in the region.

Remember, too, that Tencent has a five per cent stake in PUBG developer Bluehole as well as a controlling 40 per cent stake in Fortnite developer Epic.



All of which tends to suggest that not too much weight is being put into recent reports of a possible battle royale game ban in China.

Bloomberg previously reported that the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association has declared that PUBG is “too bloody and violent” for sale in the country, “deviates from the values of socialism” and is “deemed harmful to young consumers”.

The Association reportedly consulted with the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television prior to making the announcement. SAPPRFT has previously banned things such as TV series ‘BoJack Horseman’.

To date the game has not been officially released in the country, but that has not stopped millions obtaining it privately.