Dennis ‘INTERNETHULK’ Hawelka to coach former rivals Rogue in OGN Overwatch APEX

Dennis ‘INTERNETHULK’ Hawelka to coach former rivals Rogue in OGN Overwatch APEX
Jake Tucker

Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka has, since the Overwatch beta, been a member of Team EnVyUs, playing in the team’s support role.

This weekend, Hawelka departed EnVyUs, leading to EnVyUs having to shuffle their roster last minute and then losing to rival’s Rogue in the Overwatch Rumble.

So, it should add insult to injury for EnVyUs when they discover that Hawelka’s new role has him coaching Rogue in South Korea at the OGN Overwatch Apex event. Initially, it was reported that Hawelka would be taking the coaching Laser Kittenz, but it seems he’d prefer to coach EnVyUs’ US rivals Rogue, after he clarified his position to Dot Esports.

“I really had nothing to do with the victory [at Rivalcade’s Overwatch Rumble] at all, all it produced was a smile,” he told Dot Esports. “If Rogue meets EnVyUs in OGN, I will make sure Rogue does not drop a map.”

“When Rogue heard what happened, they had a talk as a team and said they would want me to help them,” Hawelka said. “They respect me, and it was a surprise to me.”

Hawelka will be operating as Rogue’s analyst and strategic coach, using his time coaching the team as a chance to consider what’s next. He’s really keen to take advantage of the time in Korea to get to know the seen and try to choose the correct team to join in the future. It’s all playing into his master plan too: leading an Overwatch team to the Overwatch League grand finals.